Elisabete Finger and Manuela Eichner 

This project gathers a giant hair tail, an uncanny bird, a useless machine, a ball, and a body into an assemblage that moves and sings. It brings together some new researches and old knowledges about other perspectives of kinship, other ecologies and cosmologies. It takes art and choreography as a practice of being with, of being together, raising other hypotheses and manners to live and die in this world.

Elisabete Finger (choreographer) and Manuela Eichner (visual artist) work together since 2015 mixing techniques and principles from choreography and collage. Their research evokes a certain “political ecology of things and people”, proposing other logics and organizations for this ensemble. Their artworks problematize the certainties and contradictions of what is generally taken as organic and artificial, natural and cultural. Together they made: COREOCOLAGEM (2015), Eu-Planta (2016), MONSTRA (2017) and RUN FAST BITE HARD (creation 2021/2022, in process).

Collages and photographs taken during the IASPIS RESIDENCY, 2020

Artistic Residencies 

IASPIS / Konstnärsnämnden, Malmö (SE) – Febrary 2020
Casa Líquida, São Paulo (BR) – October/November 2020
HZT/UdK Berlin (DE) – September 2021
HZT/UdK Berlin (DE) - March/May/Jun 2022
Muzeum/Instituto Susch (SZ) – October 2021
CND, Paris (FR) – November 2021
CND, Paris (FR) – September 2022

Images references 


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