Vi teu nome num peixe, colagem e intervenção urbana | São Paulo
I saw your name on a fish, collage and urban intervention | São Paulo
Colaboração com Zé Vicente
Collaboration with Zé Vicente

Em "Vi teu nome num peixe" os artistas reutilizam imagens de revistas e outros impressos compondo em parceria colagens que são ampliadas para uma escala urbana. Andam pela cidade em busca de espaços disponíveis para intervir.

Manuela Eichner and Zé Vicente work and live in SãoPaulo. With a background in visual arts both artists have been working with design and illustration for a series of different media. Since (2012), they collaborate in a variety of projects with focus in mixed media collage. "I saw your name on a fish" is a series created from small scale imagery captured from vintage print publications and old photographs that are recombined using both a manual and digital process to be reprinted in an urban provocative scale and exhibit around the city of Sao Paulo where the artists walk together in search of available public spots for their intervention.

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